Proud, Strong & Efficient

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Proud, Strong & Efficient

Title: Proud, Strong & Efficient

Author: Susanna Nordlund

Photo: Susanna Nordlund

Cover: Klas Persson

ISBN: 9789185903320

Price: 129 Skr 10 copies 1100 Skr

Welcome! You have taken a first action towards making change in your life - something that often requires a lot of courage. Congratulations!

My hope is that this book will be able to give you inspiration, motivation and support during your journey in becoming more of who you truly are, and creating the life that you desire. The information I've included throughout this book is primarily, but not exclusively, inspired by Hawaii's culture, traditions and way of being and thinking. Hawaii is a very unique place with powerful millennial knowledge and traditions - the book offers a taste of these traditions. Also, you will discover traditional coaching tools and methods that I have personally tried, developed and used, and now incorporate into my daily life because they work!

Aloha Susanna

Can also be found in Swedish: Stolt, Stark & Effektiv